What Dancing Can do for you.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers has been teaching the world to dance since 1912. We have revolutionized the way people learn how to dance by keeping it Fun, Quick, and Easy. In an Arthur Murray Dance Center you will often hear ‘Walk In, Dance Out”. When an Individual or Couple comes to Arthur Murray they can trust that they will receive the best in the world.

When it comes to learning dance, the side effects can be very surprising. These “side effects” are all things that can help you in all facets of your life. From the numerous health benefits to the social aspects, dancing can do something for you and to you that most may never expect to get. Many doctors have taken to prescribing dance lessons for people who have high levels of stress, looking for weight loss, better posture/spine health, and more.

Some studies have even shown that ballroom dancing can help with mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The fact that you constantly learn and face rapid decision making helps to keep the brain strong. The studies have shown that “Dancing integrates several brain functions at once - kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional - further increasing your neural connectivity.” This combination of all these aspects can be hard to find in one single activity, so maximize your time and dance!

For some people, Ballroom Dancing gives them a social life and place to belong that they can’t and won’t find anywhere else. Many people can find social situations overwhelming and would rather stay home, but when they start dancing and find this community things can change for them. All of a sudden that night becomes a night of dancing with friends. Anyone can become a dancer, and social ease is just the start. There is a confidence that falls over someone who Dances that translates into every aspect of ones life. Imagine being able to walk taller and command a room when working on that next big project at work or when moving towards a promotion. If you worry about that first time in the Arthur Murray Dance Center, don’t fret because you are not alone. Trust us when we say, the hardest step you will ever take is the first one through the door. The goal and focus of every Personal lesson, every Semi-private group class, and every Practice party is to create a catalyst that will promote positive change in the students’ life.

Some students come in because date nights have become predictable and they want to find something that isn’t always the same old same. Dinner and a movie can be nice, but unless you really love movies there are always going to be ones you would rather wait to see not in theaters. Or maybe the fifth night of dinner and Netflix has started to feel boring and you can’t agree on what TV show or movie to watch anymore. Ballroom dancing can give you the fresh new outlook on date night and even add some spice to the routine. Whether it’s just going to the studio for a Personal lesson and a Practice party or going to a local dance spot and breaking out onto the floor with some Salsa, Rumba, Country Western 2-Step, or many many

others. Having a social activity that both of you can enjoy while reconnecting with each other is priceless.

Weddings are another reason that people learn to dance, whether it be the first dance, parent dances or even a group dance for the whole wedding party. Arthur Murray Dance Center in Edgewater/Annapolis can help make memories that will last a life time. For a Bride and Groom the first dance can mean so many

different things and be as special and unique as every couple. From a classical pick like Frank Sinatra to a more modern Ed Sheeran or even something different that speaks to you as a couple, Arthur Murray can help make your perfect dream first dance into reality. Beyond just learning the first dance, most students find coming into the studio for lessons while planning a wedding to be a great stress relief and they look forward to coming in every week. As far as how long you need to work on your first dance, it depends on each couple and your over all vision. However, a good rule of thumb is about 3 months before your big day! Remember that this is a new skill and it takes time to get comfortable and develop muscle memory.

Anybody can learn Ballroom Dancing. Whether you are learning as a source of exercise or wanting to develop new friendships. If you need to find your identity as a couple again or starting your new chapter as husband and wife. Ballroom Dancing and Arthur Murray Dance Center in Edgewater/Annapolis can help you in all your goals. You may even discover new things about yourself that you never knew. Take the time to invest in yourself and see why Arthur Murray has been teaching the world to dance for over 107 years. Visit us at / or call us at (410) 216-2427 to see what we can do for you today!


Highly recommended to ensure that your best 1st dance will last a lifetime! These instructors are highly skilled, patient, authentic and kind and sure to change your life forever! 💞

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