It's Your 1st Dance
Make it last a Lifetime

What to Expect For Your

Wedding Dance Lessons

Schedule Your 1st Visit Early

Planning a wedding takes time, so you want to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your first dance. We recommend at least 6 months.

What to Bring

Key things to bring with you are: The music you want for your 1st dance. It's okay if you haven't chosen a song yet. We can help you find the perfect one. Bring your calendar for Scheduling.

Who You Will Meet

The New Student Director, the New Student Specialist, and many new students like yourself,

Let's Get Moving

Use the Classes & Practice Parties

when possible. Everyone feels more comfortable with a Personal lesson,

but the classes & practice parties 

will be closer to what your

reception will be like.

Plus the teachers will be there to Help!

Share It!

After a few lessons, it's always a nice idea to invite your folks or some of the wedding party in for a few lessons.

Wedding Dance Lessons

The first dance represents unity and the merging of two people to become a single unity. It also represents the merging of two families, because as the couple continue their dance, it is traditional for both families to join them on the floor. It should be beautiful, graceful, loving. All eyes will be on the happy couple and for a lot of people it is one of the moments they look forward to most of all. Arthur Murray Dance Centers offers wedding dance lessons in Edgewater, Maryland, that includes the choreographing of your dance, the selection of a suitable song, and our expert teachers will help ensure that you master the dance long before your big day.

Wedding Dance Lessons In Edgewater, Maryland

The first dance doesn't have to be complicated. Often, a simple, slow dance, can look just as beautiful and even more graceful than a heavily choreographed number filled with spins and turns. The style and complexity of dance should match the skill of the dancers and the style of music that you choose. Our teachers offer lessons to ensure that you master the steps required for your chosen dance and feel confident when doing it. Confidence leads to enjoyment, and this leads to an even better looking dance.

Choosing The Music

When it comes to choosing the music for the first dance, many couples have a special song that they have already chosen. This isn't always the case, though, and we can help here too. Let our dance coordinator know the type of music you like, and the style of dance you want to achieve, and we will be able to help you pick the perfect score to accompany it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even couples that can already dance can struggle on the big day. After all, you will be wearing clothes and shoes that you aren't used to wearing. You will potentially have hundreds of pairs of eyes on you, and you are likely to have enjoyed a few celebratory drinks and a hearty wedding breakfast long before the big event. You will have also been on your feet for a lot of the day.

As well as offering wedding dance lessons and classes, we can also stage practice parties. These will offer an experience similar to the real event. They will enable you to wear similar clothes and experience some of the conditions that you will have to face on the day itself.

Our teachers will be there to help, while the dance coordinator can give you tips on how to enter and exit the dance floor, how to communicate your requirements to the DJ, and how and when to encourage others to get up and dance with you.

Wedding Dance Lessons Near Me

While the first dance is strictly meant for the bride and groom, this transcends into a dance that incorporates both families. This further cements the union of the two families, but it can be a nerve wracking experience for the bridal party and family members.

Once you've had a few wedding dance lessons with us, we advise that you get the parents, the full bridal party, and even some close friends in to benefit from our wedding dance lessons too. 

Highly recommended to ensure that your best 1st dance will last a lifetime! These instructors are highly skilled, patient, authentic and kind and sure to change your life forever! 💞

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